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Cloudify YouTrack on OpenShift

In this article I decided to come back with another tutorial, however I will drift away from the common paradigm of the previous ones, which was the software development, and let’s perform some administrative tasks. Let’s start from the beginning, I was several days ago surfing through the JBoss.org website and it didn’t take too long [...]


  • We are proud to announce that CodeNibbles has been invited today to be part of the JavaCodeGeeks Program. Thank you folks, we promise to keep the good work up! #
  • After a short period of infrastructure changes, CodeNibbles has definitively moved to its own platform. A small review has been done on the category inventory and a new member has joined the project. The blog will continue offering tips, how-tos, and more interesting stuff in the upcoming weeks whilst trying to reach a wider audience. In other words, we did it good, we know we can do it better though. We hope the new approach will satisfy the most demanding. Delivering high quality contents about our projects and researches to the public is really hard task and we are committed to address it. #

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